Where are Honey bees now?

Honey is an important natural product in an ecosystem which is collected by honey bees and stored in honey combs. It has high medicinal value and also a good nutritive demand. But You’ve observed that, now days honey combs are less in a number. What may be reason.

     The main reason is cutting down of trees and development of new industrial areas. Due to cutting down of trees honey bees don’t have a better place to set a comb. The decrease in flowering plants species such as Lantana Camera is also responsible for vanishing of bees.

    Honey bees are very sensitive to dust particle. Increase in vehicle smoke, industrial smokes etc at city places gave a major reason for the migration of bees. Increase in dust particles causes suffocation which disturbs life span of bees.

       Agriculture is the backbone of India. Tremendous use of pesticides, herbicides, Insecticides etc are responsible for the death of honey bee species. Along with the pathogens, insects honey bees are also killed which leads to decrease in number of honey bee colony.

       Continuous removal of honey combs in Jungle can disturb them and they may leave their native surroundings. If this is not stopped there will be no sources of honey in nature. Natural calamities like scarcity of water, storms. floods, forest fire etc play vital role in extinction of honey bees.

        Can we help? How? Think about it. Plant more and more flowering plants. Grow plants such as neem, lemon trees, marigold etc. which attracts honey bees frequently. Keep your surrounding dust free and fresh. Make use of eco-friendly fertilizers which do not have irritating smell. Try to decrease use of pesticides and herbicides.

           THINK ABOUT IT. If there are no honeybees left over then there will no pollination, no fruit, many of the species will be in danger. So, save bees, save plants, save life and save valuable Honey.

            Some argue that an increase in insecticide use and a much-publicized Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) issue have caused honey bees to become endangered. There are organizations dedicated to “Saving the honey bees”, and many of them have targeted farmers as major culprits in the demise of the honey bee population. On the other hand, there are fears that agriculture itself is suffering because of bee loss. Although the success and sustainability of the insect is a serious issue and caused panic, the news stories haven’t been all they seem.

             The truth is that there are eight species of bees that have been placed on the endangered list; different species of Hawaiian yellow faced bees in 2016 and, the rusty patched bumble bee. Honey bees isn’t on the endangered list, many are still under the impression that they soon will go extinct. Since this species known for its role in agriculture, the blame is often placed on the industry for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and pesticide use. The rate of loss among honey bee colonies reached its lowest point in several years.       

Honey and honeybees are boon for an ecosystem. Healthy ecosystem, Healthy life……….

-By Rokade Somnath Maruti , Darekar Pooja Popat.


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