Indian Politics ( Bharatiya Rajneeti )

Indian politics is not just a connection of people and political members, it is premitive and vintage culture which is given to all the world. Since 1947, Indian politics witnessed so many faces and phases.

From Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi We Indians achieved much development but not enough. We always stayed back compared to all the countries even from that countries which are not comparable by geographically and culturally to us. We are the world’s largest democracy and Third super Power. But there are so many things perplexing to the development of Indian Politics which leads to economic and social affection.

All my vision and a step towards the mission of Indian Politics waited always. Indian Politics always required new generation with supreme and modern way to handle a politics which is very important to development of The Great India. Let us discuss about this term “Indian Politics” . Yes I will use it as a term because we must try to solve the myths of Indian Politics by theoretically means and must try to prove the real Facts practically.

Below are the given opinion that I will suggest as a Youth for better improvement in Indian Politics.

Black Spots in Indian Politics:

  • Continuous one Family heritage in Indian Politics.
  • Lack of Patriotism
  • Lack of knowledge to voters for choosing right one.
  • Secondary importance towards development.
  • Corruption and Scams with every National Policy.
  • Less communication between Politician and Voter.
  • Fake facts and myths about Politics.
  • Lack of Political science.
  • Not much interest of Youth in Politics.
  • Voting by Regional, Caste and Religious mode.
  • External Powers In Indian Politics.
  • Discrimination.

By the above points, one thing can easily explained that there are so many negativities as compared to the Goods of Indian Politics.

As there is darkness anywhere, a light can be entered. I won’t say that there was nothing happened or anyone didn’t try to bring the change in Indian Politics. But the biggest mistake about Politics is that We Indians always look towards any Politician in such a way that He is God. These kind of things generate so many unfortunate myths which is further leads towards blindness of Voters. Voters just waste their votes by electing that kind of personality which is dangerous to our National Policy and affairs.

Bring the Change:

  • Choose by his/her personality and policy.
  • Importance to Political science in Education system.
  • Nationalism and Patriotism.
  • Dare to be a candidate as per your great thinking.
  • Co-operation in development.
  • Electing candidate other than family heritage.
  • Awareness about Elections.
  • Focus on National betterment without thinking of ourselves.
  •  our role for Increase % of literary.
  • Unity and Democracy.

All the above given is just a brief, there is a lot to talk about it but in practically manner. If we did 70% of the given above, then we will achieve required change in Indian politics.

“Political Democracy cannot last unless there Lies at the base of the it’s Social Democracy” Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

-By Rohan Khumse


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    Very good thoughts Rohan..

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    These thoughts must exist in real..

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    Good job bro grt topics u covered we want next blog on nepotisum in politics and its effect

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    Excellent article… Good job


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