Australia Is Burning : A Manmade Sin | part-1

Australia Fires !

Australia is burning, many animals lost their lives, many buildings puts on fire. series focus on causes of australia fires due to human behaviour.

It all started in the month of September 2019, in the region of South Wales and north coast. Australia fires grew rapidly in the month of December. State emergency was declared in many parts of Australia . After that, in the mid of December, it was everywhere, everywhere on the continent of Australia.

Taking lives and destroying the countryside, The fire encircle the cities and towns of Australia, Thousands of homes were destroyed, destroying their livestocks, farms,cattle. The flames were estimated upto 70 metres high. Including firefighters every service was called for help, military personnel, NGOs and volunteers were in greater numbers. It also included the volunteers from neighbouring countries. It burned more land than past 25 years of history.

What caused Burning in Australia ?

The bush fire is not new in Australia, It is the tendency of the forests in Australia to Ignite. Because the axis of the Earth is not parallel to the axis of the Sun, so it is shifted 23° . This makes such a condition that , continent of Australia experiences maximum impact from sun. So the climate in Australia is always dry.

This year was the hottest summer,even in spring the weather was dry.Also the rainfall was very less. Driest spring in 120 years was made a record, that is never happened. And it was fueled by Hotwinds, Because of all this conditions the bushes,and the grass was dry.

These were some reasons for this disaster. Australia is burning….!
(pros and cons, aftermath of disaster, lesson, permanent effects)


-by Mihir Ponkshe

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